Guide to Pairing White Wine - Tea Towel


Become the sommelier of your own kitchen with with this comprehensive and beautifully designed food and wine pairing guide. The white wine version covers 34 popular styles - each one rated against 56 different food entries - that’s 1904 possible combos covered! Pairings are rated as excellent, good and best avoided so you’ll never make a food faux-pas. Foods are grouped into 7 categories: Meat & Poultry, Seafood, Flavours & Herbs, Taste, International Dishes, Vegs & Vegetarian, and Dairy. There’s also additional info on acidity, body, and sweetness for each wine listed. Corking encyclopaedic wine mastery at your dish drying hands! 2 colour print on organic unbleached cotton. Made & printed in the UK.


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